Solar Energy Services

For more than 2,600 hours each year the Northeast United States is basked in sunlight allowing us to generate plenty of solar power; all we have to do it put out panels to capture it! Due to this over abundance of natural energy, solar installations have more than doubled in the last three years. Because of this demand, the technology has improved and prices have dropped more than 55% in the last 5 years!

Residential Solar

Just as renovations can add value to your home, so can solar panels! An efficient home is a long-term investment with low-risk and high reward. According to the Appraisal Journal, for every dollar in annual electricity bill savings through your solar system, the value of your property goes up an average of $20. Unlike most home improvements that depreciate in value over time, owned solar panels will increase in value as electricity prices rise.

Commercial Solar

As a business, there are large number of reasons to consider going solar. From eliminating your monthly electric bill, to increasing positive brand perception, a solar array can be a very wise investment for a commercial property to make.  Furthermore, there are currently a large number of financial incentives offered for commercial properties choosing to get solar panels!

Our 60 Cell Panel

Our signature panel is a superior monocrystalline 60 cell panel. Offering high efficiency triple bypass diodes, this panel is easily outpaces its competitions from an efficiency perspective. Having high efficiency panels requires fewer panels to be installed to generate the same, if not more, energy making it ideal for restricted spaces and saving money. A lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame and hailstorm resistant panels makes this setup sturdy, secure, and cost effective.

Backup Power

Whether it be a battery backup to store solar, or a generator to produce power, Endless Energy has the selection and expertise to ensure that you are never without electricity.