Get Paid to Produce Solar Power!

The new SMART Program for Massachusetts allows solar power producers to sell their power for more money than it costs.  The scenario in this video is based on a 36 cent / kWh SMART payment.

The SMART program pays solar system owners for their production of solar energy by kilowatt-hour (kWh) based on fixed production increments. Unlike the previous SREC II Program, in which prices fluctuated, now the system owner will be provided the exact price they will receive for each kWh of solar energy they produce – this price will remain fixed for 10 years. Fixed payment for the system production is determined by the time of system interconnection and the availability of each “block.”  This means that the earlier solar system owners sign up for this program, the more profit they will earn on their energy production.

For information on other incentives available to MA Homeowners, such as the MA Solar Loan, or 30% Federal Tax Credit, please visit our Incentives Page.

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