What is a No-Cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment?

Mass Save Home Energy Assessments are a state sponsored energy efficiency initiative, which you already pay for on your utility bill. When you schedule an assessment, one of our Energy Specialists will provide you with a personal report on ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and will install up to $625 in no cost energy and power saving appliances, and $1,200 in energy efficient services. This also qualifies you for generous rebates on Mini-Split Heat Pumps and Insulation work!

Energy Efficiency is a simple and easy way to lower your carbon footprint while receiving enormous rates of return.

Your No-Cost Home Energy Assessment Includes:

  • LED High-Efficiency Light Bulbs for entire home ($528 value)

  • Digital Thermostats ($75 each)

  • Energy Efficient Power Strips ($30 value)

  • 75% off of your insulation services (max $2,000 value)

  • Target Air Sealing ($1,200 value)

  • Water Saving Shower Head ($22 value)

  • Infrared Testing, if applicable

Did you know you already paid for a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment?

On your electricity bill there is an Energy Efficiency charge that you pay every month.  Get what you paid for and schedule your energy assessment today!

An Energy Specialist will come to your home at no charge and review your current energy usage. You will receive instant energy saving items, along with a detailed breakdown of how you can continue saving. This report entitles you to generous rebates and incentives for additional energy saving projects.