Insulate yourself from

Excess Energy Costs

Insulation Services Offered:

You can dramatically reduce your energy bills by ensuring that your house is well insulated from the outdoors.  All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling. As a Mass Save partner most jobs receive a 75% instant rebate when you also get a No-Cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment. We handle all the paperwork, you get all the benefit.

We recommend blown in cellulose to our customers for many reasons. Either loose fill or dense pack provide the following benefits:

  • Fire retardant
  • Pest retardant
  • Kid safe
  • High R-Value per inch and reduces air infiltration
  • Made up of 75% recycled content

We use blower door tests to help determine a home’s airtightness.  There are numerous reasons to have this done, including:

  • Reducing energy consumption due to air leakage
  • Avoiding moisture condensation problems
  • Avoiding uncomfortable drafts caused by cold air leaking in from the outdoors
  • Determining how much mechanical ventilation might be needed to provide acceptable indoor air quality.

See problems behind closed walls by seeing where outside air can infiltrate your home!

We offer fiber glass insulation for knee walls, equipment damming and other situations where cellulose does not work.

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