Energy Efficiency Services

There are a variety of steps you can take right now to reduce your energy bills and make your home more efficient!  From providing No-Cost Home Energy Assessments, to insulation, weatherization, and backup power choices, Endless Energy has your covered. Find out what you can be doing to make your home more energy efficient today!

Mass Save Virtual Home Energy Assessment

Reduce your monthly electric charges with a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment. You’ll receive a detailed report of how to conserve energy and items to help you start saving on the day of the assessment.

An Energy Specialist will meet with you via Google Hangouts or Zoom and review your current energy usage. You will receive instant energy saving items, along with a detailed breakdown of how you can continue saving. This report entitles you to numerous rebates and incentives for additional energy saving projects.

Backup Power

Whether you’re pairing them with solar energy, or simply want peace of mind in case of a blackout, Endless Energy offers a variety of battery backup solutions that will keep your essentials powered for days.


When you have a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment, you qualify for up to 75% off insulation services!  This can dramatically increase the energy efficiency within your home, and is performed by our trained in-house crew of insulation specialists.