Good for your business, your brand, and your bottom line

Above is a time lapse video of a two-day install we did for American Laser’s headquarters in Beverly, MA.

Brand Enhancement

Studies have found that creating a strong image as environmentally conscious directly improves a company’s reputation in the long-term, and allows them access to new markets of environmentally sensitive consumers.  

Reduced Operating Costs

By generating the energy for your business, you will be able to reduce or completely eliminate your monthly energy expenses.  

Avoid Rising Energy Costs

In 2017, New England’s electricity bills were 151% higher than the average for the United States.  This was because Massachusetts generates about 64% of its electricity with expensive, imported fossil fuel. Don’t get caught as electricity prices rise even more, become energy independent today!

We provide End-to-End coverage of your entire project!

Ownership Model VS. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

There are two main options when considering how to utilize solar energy for your business.  Each of them have their unique benefits, which are laid out below.  If you’d like to discuss more in depth to figure out which option suites your business best, you can give us a call during business hours at 508.357.2354!

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