Not All Solar Panels are Created Equal

Our Endless Energy panel is a superior monocrystalline 60 cell panel. Offering high efficiency triple bypass diodes, this panel quickly outpaces the efficiency of its competitors. Having high efficiency panels requires fewer panels to be installed to generate the same, if not more, energy making it ideal for restricted spaces and saving money. A lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame and hail storm resistant panels makes this setup sturdy, secure, and cost effective.

Most solar panels are covered under a 25 year warranty, but the Endless Energy panel provides a 30 year warranty. Those 5 extra years may not sound like much, but they can add up to lots of savings! If the average cost of your electricity increases each year, your bill could be massive 25 years from now! Why pay 5 additional years of electric bills when you could’ve been covered?

The Endless Energy panels are warrantied for so long because they are made to last. Better quality gives you longer coverage, and both saves you from worrying or spending extra money. Due to our concern for quality, we also designed a more aesthetically pleasing panel with black cells vs. the traditional blue. Compared to the traditional blue panels, these are far more discreet and even offers a higher level of efficiency to polycrystaline blue panels.