600 Volt Solar Inverter Upgrades

Endless Energy specializes in commercial scale inverter upgrades and retrofits for brands such as PVPowered, Satcon, Powegate, Chint Power Systems (CPS), and more.

As the solar industry grows and advances, some early commercial investors are finding themselves in need of replacement parts and upgrades. Systems installed over 5 years ago most likely come with legacy 600 volt inverters. The solar industry has since upgraded to 1000 or 1500 volt inverters, and in many of these situations the owners of the solar system are being quoted exorbitant prices just to maintain their outdated technology.

That’s why Endless Energy has pioneered a first-of-its-kind retrofit program to replace 600 volt solar inverters with more efficient 1000 or 1500 volt inverters. In most cases, we have found this solution to be more cost-effective for the client than paying for their 600 volt system to be serviced and repaired.

Case Study: Upgrading CPS 600 Volt Inverters at Big B MFG solar farm

In this video, you can see Endless Energy CEO Mike Pitcavage discussing our partnership with Chint Power Systems (CPS) to retrofit a 2011 solar farm with a failing 600 V inverter.

Benefits of Upgrading

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Individual Inverter Monitoring

With the new Flexgate from CPS, an updated system will allow you to monitor each individual inverter for production efficiency and potential failure.

No Single Point of Failure

This advanced retrofit allows you to utilize a larger set of inverters, thus making any future malfunctions much less catastrophic to your solar sysyem’s power output.

Improved Efficiency

Newer inverters have a much higher level of efficiency than older models, so an upgrade will see your power production increase without having to touch the panels!

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